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Deep drawing machine building

Like artistic drawing, superior deep drawing takes talent and the right tools. Braxton Manufacturing has both. Our skilled employees take pride in creating parts that meet the highest industry standards for precision. We are able to maintain such exacting standards because our proprietary drawing machines are designed and built in-house, and have been for more than 40 years.

Multi-function CNC machining technologyCoupled with our advanced in-house carbide die making facilities, our drawing machines enable us to produce deep-drawn parts in more sizes, and with significantly superior tolerances and finishes, in comparison to competing products. With up to 25 independent tooling stations available on a single machine, we can add features such as holes, slots and flares, without secondary operations. This not only reduces the costs of additional handling, but also makes possible intricate designs not previously practical.

Our CNC department has expanded to meet the needs of our tool room and machine building department. Use of the most advanced equipment in multi-function CNC machining technology allows us to manufacture and supply the machine building department with the precision components required to assemble the complete drawing machine. Once the components are fabricated, our experienced machine builders can complete the assembly process and have a new production machine on line in as few as 2 or 3 weeks.

Drawing Machine Building CNC Machining
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